Year 34 In Review

Photo Credit: Photos by Faith

Today is my 35th birthday and it's kind of a big deal. Life, in general, is a big deal but I'm grateful to see 35! There were a lot of moments where I didn't think I was would see this chapter of life. For years, I carry the weight of regrets and mistakes made. However, you can only stay in that space for so long before you have to make a vow to pick yourself up and give life a try again. And man, I'm glad I did because year 34 was a season of reaping for all of the seeds I have sown over the years.

Year 34 taught me so many valuable lesson.

  1. It taught me to trust God's timing!

  2. It taught me that a delay isn't a denial!

  3. It taught me that God will bring every vision he has shown you to pass!

  4. It's taught me that for those dreams to manifest themselves, you have work to do!

  5. It's taught me, that anything worth having requires a lot of work!

  6. It's taught me, the importance of consistency! You could be seconds away from answered prayers!

  7. It's taught me that when God moves, you must be ready. Meaning when you pray with expectations, you must be ready to receive!

  8. It's taught me, that I am my own worst enemy and my critic!

  9. It's taught me, that if I'm not mentally and spiritually stable that I can sabotage every great thing that God wants to do through and for me!

  10. It taught me, that if I don't own my purpose that someone is lacking the wisdom to move forward!

  11. It's taught me, the value of friendship and who I call a friend.

  12. It also taught me, that I wasn't a good friend to myself or others.

  13. It's taught me, that success isn't driven by title, labels, following- it's driven by impact!

  14. It's taught me that I was created to inspire and to influence regardless of how much I want to play the background!

  15. It's taught me compassion and grace -not only for myself but for others!

  16. It's taught that I was created for every door that he has my name own and apologies aren't needed!

  17. It's taught me that if I take my eyes off him, I'll fail.

More than anything, It's taught me how to walk boldly into chapter 35

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